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Public Works

Meridian Intersection Improvements


Project Manager

Dan Roberts, P.E.
[email protected]



  • Meridian Metropolitan District
  • Southeast Public Improvement Metropolitan District (SPIMD)

Project Update

Updated Sept. 28, 2023

Patching has been completed on Havana Street between Lincoln Avenue and Meridian Blvd.



Completed in June 2023, both new traffic signals at Havana and Meridian Blvd. and Maroon Circle/Meridian Blvd. are fully operational, and the intersections are now open to traffic. Havana Street & Meridian Boulevard Intersection Improvement Project replaced the existing intersection pavement in addition to geometric improvements which included additional turn lanes for high volume movements. This project included replacing the traffic signals at the intersections of Havana Street/Meridian Boulevard and Maroon Circle/Meridian Boulevard. Additionally, this project included interconnecting five Douglas County traffic signals and completed redundant fiber-optic connections to the existing ITS network to improve resiliency. Douglas County has already completed construction that replaced the concrete pavement on Meridian Boulevard both east of Maroon Circle and west of Havana Street. Meridian Metropolitan District was a major stakeholder in the project.

COMPLETED (Fall 2023): Patching on Havana Street between Lincoln Avenue and Meridian Boulevard (south end of the completed section from June 2023).


Project Photos