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Horseback Riding Trails

A table including the parks, trails, and open space areas that allow horses is available below. Please visit a Trail Map or contact the Division of Open Space and Natural Resources at 303-660-7495 for more information. You may also contact the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife at 303-866-3437 for additional equestrian trails.

Property  Water Trail
Miles and Surface
Toilet Horse Trailer
Picnic Tables
Bayou Gulch Regional Park Yes 3 / Crusher fines Yes Yes – 3 Pavilion
Bayou Gulch Open Space Ponds Varies / Natural CHP Bayou Gulch Regional Park No No
Bluffs Regional Park No 3.5 / Crusher Fines Yes Yes – 3 3 Pavilion
Chatfield State Park Spigot, River 24 / Natural Yes Yes No Pavilions
Cherry Creek Trail Creek 17 / Concrete and natural Yes N. Pinery Trailhead – 3 3 Pavilions
Columbine No 3+ / Crushed Concrete Yes Yes – 5 No Pavilion
Dawson Butte No 7.7 miles   Bridle paths / Nautral Yes Yes – 25 No Trailhead / on trail
DuPont Creek Disperse / Natural Yes Yes No Pavilion
East-West Trail No 20 / Crusher fines & natural Yes Yes – 3 at Bluffs Regional Park
3 at Grigs Trailhead
No Pavilion
Glendale Farm Yes 1.6 / Natural Yes Yes – 3 No Pavilion
Greenland Yes 11 / Crusher fines Yes Yes – 50 to 75 Yes Pavilion
Hidden Mesa Spigot / Creek 7 / Natural & concrete Yes Yes – 15 No Pavilion
Highline Canal Trail Seasonal Canal 13 / Crusher fines Yes Yes – 4 to 6 Yes Trailhead
Pike National Forest Indian Creek Trail Seasonal spigot 15 / Natural Yes Yes No Trailhead
Lincoln Mountain Creek 8.3 / Natural Yes Yes – 25 No
Nelson Open Space Swallowtail Trail Seasonal 2.6 / Natural At Sharptail At Sharptail Yes On Trail
Pike Hill – Ringtail Trail Seasonal 7.2 / Natural Pike Natl. Forest Indian Creek Pike Natl. Forest No On Trail
Sharptail Ridge / Sharptail Trail Yes 4.6 / Natural Yes Yes – 7 Yes Pavilion
Spruce Meadows Ponds 8.5 / Natural Yes Yes – 40 Yes On Trail
Spruce Mountain No 5.5 / Natural Yes At Spruce Meadows No On Trail
Guided Rides by Arrangement Prairie Canyon Ranch Yes Special Use Permit Only / Natural Yes Yes No Ranch Homestead