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Horseback Riding Trails

A table including the parks, trails, and open space areas that allow horses is available below. Please visit a Trail Map or contact the Division of Open Space and Natural Resources at 303-660-7495 for more information. You may also contact the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife at 303-866-3437 for additional equestrian trails.

Property Name Water Trail
Surface Toilet Horse Trailer
Parking Available
Picnic Tables
Bayou Gulch Regional Park Yes 3 Crusher fines Yes Yes – 3 No Pavilion
Bluffs Regional Park No 3.5 Crusher fines Yes Yes – 3 3 Pavilion
Chatfield State Park Spigot, River 24 Natural Yes Yes No Pavilions / separate
Cherry Creek Trail Creek 17 Concrete/natural Yes N. Pinery Trailhead – 3 3 Pavilions
Columbine No Creek Access 3+ Crushed Concrete Yes Yes – 5 No Pavilion
Dawson Butte No 5 + Bridle paths Natural Yes Yes – 15 No Trailhead / on trail
DuPont Creek Disperse Natural Yes Yes No Pavilion
East-West Trail No 20 Crusher fines / natural Yes Yes – 3 at Bluffs Regional Park
3 at Grigs Trailhead
No Pavilion
Glendale Farm Yes 1.3 Natural Yes Yes – 3 No Pavilion
Greenland Yes 11 Crusher fines Yes Yes – 50 to 75 Yes Pavilion
Hidden Mesa Spigot / Creek 5; 7 RT Natural / Concrete Yes Yes – 15 No Pavilion
Highline Canal Trail Seasonal Canal 13 Crusher fines Yes Yes – 4 to 6 Yes Trailhead
Pike National Forest Indian Creek Trail Seasonal spigot 15 Natural Yes Yes No Trailhead
Lincoln Mountain Creek Yes Yes – 25 No
Nelson Open Space Swallowtail Trail Seasonal 3 Natural At Sharptail At Sharptail Yes On Trail
Pike Hill – Ringtail Trail Seasonal 7 + Natural Pike Natl. Forest Indian Creek Pike Natl. Forest No On Trail
Sharptail Ridge – Sharptail Trail Yes 4.2 Natural Yes Yes – 7 Yes Pavilion
Spruce Meadows Ponds 8.5 Natural Yes Yes – 40 Yes On Trail
Spruce Mountain No 3 Natural Yes At Spruce Meadows No On Trail
Guided Rides By Arrangement Water Trails Surface Toilet Parking Hitch Picnic
Bayou Gulch Open Space Ponds Varied Natural CHP at CHP No No
Prairie Canyon Ranch Yes Dispersed Natural Yes Yes No At Trailhead